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Bad Boy Mowers
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Another FIRST from the folks that build them to LAST!

Bad Boy Mowers continues to buck the industry by building the strongest, most powerful mowers — for the best value — packed with innovation not found on any other mower in their class. The Maverick is our newest zero turn mower to feature our patented EZ-Ride System — and at a breakthrough price!

With independent front arm support for absorbing the ground ahead and dual rear individual compression shocks supporting each drive train individually for a truly independent, smooth driving experience. This is an industry first! There’s just never been a more vibration suppressing, smoother ride. And with less bouncing through uneven terrain — allowing the deck to glide much more evenly — the end result produces a cleaner, more manicured cut for you.

Learn more about the Maverick zero turn mower, and see what makes Bad Boy Mowers the fastest growing zero turn mower manufacturer in the world then Find Your Local Bad Boy Mowers Dealer to see our Maverick in person. Don't forget to enter our Bad Boy Country Sweepstakes and join in the fun for a chance to win fantastic Bad Boy Mowers prizes and Like Us On Facebook to keep up with everything Bad Boy Mowers!