The leaves are starting to fall and our 2014 mowing season has been one for the record books. Bad Boy Mowers has exceeded every expectation that we set forth from the previous year and we don't plan on slowing down.

We have projects under way all over our main campus here in Batesville, AR, as well at our secondary location the GDX building. As you may have seen earlier this year, the GDX building was hit with a tornado on June 6th. There was excessive damage to the roof of the facility and we are currently in the process of having the roof replaced. Along with the roof replacement we are also be reworking the shelving and layout to better optimize the GDX facility to suit our growing needs.

Our campus is growing to keep up with demand

To keep up with our projected growth, we also realized that we would need to expand our fabrication and parts department. To accomplish this feat we are in the process of building a new 60,000 sq.ft. parts facility. This new facility will allow us to increase our output from 300 packages per day to potentially 1,000's of packages per day to better server our dealer network. Along with the increased output we will also be adding an additional 20 offices in this building to house our expanding staff. Our service department is also moving into this new facility.

Our fabrication department is now expanding into the old parts and service facilities. This will give the fabrication shop an additional 41,000 sq.ft. of room to build upon. With this expanded space we are planning to purchase two more lasers, two more robotic welders and a tube laser to beef up our production capabilities. The Research and Development department will also be expanding into a new area within the old Parts building. The redesign of the old parts complex has also allowed us to equip the R & D Department with state of the art testing equipment and offices which in turn will lead to bigger and better product innovations.

In the 2013 season we partially redesigned our ZT assembly line leading to a 50% increase in production, we are now working to take these same techniques and to apply them to the remainder of our assembly lines. To allow for additional space the front of the Assembly facility was enclosed to bring the total space to 70,000 sq.ft., and ramp access was also added to the rear of a building to help with the logistics of line prep.

Along with all of these changes there were also cosmetic changes made. Exterior rock was added to the existing parts building, sod was laid and a new sign and flag were installed. The sign and flag are very important to who we are her at Bad Boy Mowers, an American product made by hard working Americans. Every day when we pull into work and see the flag waving high and proud, we take a certain pride in that vision and instill a little bit of our American values directly into what we do.

The Outlaw Mower family gets an update

In addition to updates to the Bad Boy Mower campus we are also making changes to our 2015 mower lineup. Keep an eye out for more information on our All-New Redesigned 2015 Outlaw Mower lineup including new patent-pending innovations and a bold new Bad Boy look. Be sure to Like Us On Facebook to keep up with all all the exciting news and announcements for the coming year!

Bad Boy Mowers: Mow with an Attitude

The Newly Installed Flag And Bad Boy Mowers Sign

Our 2015 Mower Lineup And New Show Truck

The Final Touches Being Applied To Our New Parts Facility

The Conveyor System In Our New Parts Facility

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