Strength From Within

Our first mower, built in a garage, was a reflection of the team that built it.

It was tough. Hill country tough and solid as they come. Stronger than the next with a special place in its heart for speed. Sure it was a little rough around the edges maybe, but real value—core value—is always buried just a little deeper.

As that first group of men gathered around a parking lot watching folks drive the mower they’d built, the name was struck when a driver jumped off and exclaimed, ‘THAT’S a Bad Boy.’ And it’s been THAT attitude, determination and the strength from within that’s driven our success ever since.

We were obviously on to something because our competitors would freely offer the advice that we couldn’t keep ‘over-building them’ like that and sell them ‘for that low of a price.’ Of course, we just didn’t think there was anything wrong with building a mower that out-lasted everything else out there and our customers sure didn’t seem to mind saving a bit of money along the way.

Fast forward to the state-of-the-art manufacturing muscle and evergrowing workforce located right in the middle of this country in the Ozark Mountains, and you’ll find that classic American manufacturing and the classic American success story lives on—and is stronger than ever.

We’ve never stopped manufacturing products “like they used to,” with a build standard that’s anything but disposable quality. In fact, from the very beginning, we’ve been building on a premise that a Bad Boy may be the last mower you may ever own. And the end result has made us the fastest growing mower company in the world.

We’re creating hundreds of home-grown jobs thanks to your support, and we’re bringing new efficiencies in manufacturing by mixing skilled craftsmen and world class technology to build our mowers—with the pledge to continue proving that good old-fashioned manufacturing is alive, well and growing right in the heart of America.

We like to think that a little bit of that first team is welded into every frame of every mower we’ve built since our first, and if it’s all the same to the rest of the industry, we’ll keep on building a better mower for a better value. After all, it’s served our customers—and us—pretty well over the last decade or so.

Bad Boy Mowers - A Classic American Success Story
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