5 Point Advantage

Bad Boy Mowers 5 Point Advantage

These five points have been the backbone of our success from the very beginning.

Coupled with our dealer-direct pricing and advanced manufacturing technology, we’re delivering exceptional quality with a price that makes Bad Boy Mowers the undisputed leader in value.

You can gauge the strength of a mower by the gauge of its steel construction. Our core strength is in our frame: FOUR, 11 gauge 2" x 2" steel rails form the Bad Boy’s framework. In addition to its rugged frame, our reinforced ductile iron front fork assembly is lighter and stronger. We boast the industry’s strongest deck, made from solid welded 1/4" steel, and built to last a lifetime. You just won't find a mower built stronger to last longer.

So innovative it's protected by a patent — our exclusive Swing-Away™ design makes short work of getting to maintenance and service points throughout the mower. Virtually every serviceable component is accessed in seconds, making routine maintenance and clean-up quick work. It’s been the hallmark of Bad Boy since the beginning, it can’t be found on any other mower, and after you've had it, you’ll never want one without it.

With a chassis as strong as ours Bad Boy can strap on the highest horsepower engines available. The power and performance ratios of Bad Boy Mowers is unmatched in the industry — with trusted engine brands ranging from the robust 35hp Caterpillar Diesel to our 540cc to 993cc gasoline engines from Kawasaki, Kohler, Vanguard and Briggs — we don’t deliver power with more bark, we deliver with more bite.

Our hydraulic systems are built to stand up to our rock-solid,
legendary strength. Every zero-turn mower relies on hydraulic
systems, and whether our mowers feature separate drive motors and
pumps or self-contained pump and motor drives, we only offer industry’s
largest and best so our systems run cooler at lower temperatures — and at lower pressures — extending their lifespan under the most grueling conditions. Equipped with larger hoses and bigger cooling fans, no matter your territory, terrain or temperature, the heart of every Bad Boy is always ready to run.

Our exclusive EZ-Ride System, with patented independent front and rear rubber compression shocks, allows you to mow faster over uneven terrain for longer periods. Standard on our Diesel and Outlaw XP mowers, and coupled with our multi-adjustable seats, you have to feel this ride. The deck glides more evenly over the mowing surface for an even more manicured look and you’ll feel the difference at the end of the day.

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