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Bad Boy Mowers at Farmfest 2012

Bad Boy Mowers was the official mower at the annual FarmFest in Morton, Minnesota. Bad Boy Mowers for this year’s Farmfest in Morton, Minnesota set a new precedence. Being the 4th largest agricultural equipment show in the country with almost 1,000 vendors and near 50,000 attendees it experienced one of, if not the best turnout to date. This year Bad Boy Mowers was given the opportunity to become the first “Official Lawnmower” for Farmfest. From the day our machines first hit the grounds on July 26th to mow the 102 acre property, until August 11th, (two days after Farmfest) the employees and directors of the show couldn’t say enough more positive things about our machines and the people who represent them. One of the head groundskeepers commented that in his history of working this event “he had never seen the property so well cut”. From more than satisfied users, to the impressed first time viewers and riders, it was a real positive buzz started to end off an exceptionally hot and dry summer. Matt Schueller owner of Schueller’s Sales & Service said “it was the greatest show they had ever experienced, and it was during the worst drought in the area since 1988”. Apparently Bad Boy and its affiliates met their expectations so well that they have invited us to continue this effort in all of their other national venues.

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