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Congratulations to the newest winner of our Kansas City Royals Mow 'Em Down Inning giveaway!

Thank You, Bad Boy and the Royals. My Outlaw Extreme 61" and I are awful proud of our brand new baby Bad Boy Push Mower. Zero turn wheels on the front of a push, who'd a thunk, it spins on a dime.
- Wyeth Ervin

Congratulations to Wyeth Ervin, the newest winner of our Kansas City Royals "Mow 'Em Down" Inning giveaway! Wyeth is already the owner of a Bad Boy Mowers Outlaw Extreme and now has a Bad Boy Push Mower to match! Keep on Mowing With An Attitude, Wyeth!

There is still time to enter the Bad Boy Mowers/Kansas City Royals Mow 'Em Down Inning giveaway! Enter for your chance to win a Bad Boy Push Mower. Anytime a Kansas City Royals' Pitcher throws a perfect 2nd inning (strikes out all 3 batters), we randomly draw a name from the giveaway entries. Get your name on the list and cheer on the Kansas City Royals!

► Click Here to enter the Mow 'Em Down Inning giveaway!
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