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Bad Boys and their Bad Toys

At Bad Boy Mowers we love to hear from our customers. Here is one such message from a happy customer in South Carolina. If you have a story or photo about how you "Mow With An Attiude" that you would like to share with us, please post it on our Facebook page.

We just had to say Thank you for our New Bad Boy Mower. My husband is in hog heaven with his new toy. This is the second Bad Boy Mower we have owned. We have had our first Bad Boy Mower for 8 years and it's still running strong, but after my husband saw the new design he wanted to upgrade.

I know this remarkable machine will be in our family for a long time. We just wanted you to know it has come to a great home in South Carolina where it will be loved. We purchased it from Gusta's in Charleston, SC and they are AWESOME!

Even our dog Pete has fallen in love. He can not pass it by without jumping on the seat. It's really funny. We have to pull him away. I guess he is saying he is a BAD BOY too!

Again THANK YOU for making such a remarkable machine. We only have 8 acres to mow but will be mowing it with pride on a BAD BOY MOWER!!!

Kay P. - South Carolina

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