Bad Boy News

Outdoor Living and Landscape Show

This past weekend our Bad Boy Girl Kelly and the Big Schwag traveled to Wichita, Kansas. While there they worked with our local dealer, Wichita Tractor, at the Outdoor Living and Landscape Show.

Despite the 21 inches of snow that Wichita received the week before (which is a record), people still came pouring into the show. The booth was packed full of mowers and even had two couches with a TV playing Bad Boy videos to keep the crowds entertained. Kelly and Schwag signed posters and took pictures with tons of fans too. Saturday morning they even shot a few custom commercials for our dealer. If you don't live in the Wichita area, stay tuned to the Wichita Tractor Facebook page to see the new spots. Thanks to everyone who came by and we look forward to going back next year!

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