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Wichita Tractor Open House!

Kelly visits Wichita Tractor for their annual open house! Last weekend Wichita Tractor had their annual open house. Each year during the open house Kelly Fitzwilliam, our spokesperson, goes down and participates in events. Kelly had this to say about the weekend.

“This past weekend I worked the Wichita Outdoor Living & Landscape Show. My trip started off with shooting some custom commercials with Don at Wichita Tractor on Friday morning. Can't wait to see how they turned out! The next three days were filled with promoting & selling Bad Boy. We always had a busy booth & sold several mowers & UTV's at the show. We had lots of bad boy mower owners stop by the booth just to say hi & brag on how much they love their mower. I truly felt like a celebrity in Wichita-getting recognized more than ever. Couldn't have asked for nicer people or a better time. “

Overall it was a great weekend for Bad Boy Mowers and for Wichita Tractor

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