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The Season Is Just Around The Corner!

I know what you’re thinking… It’s still Winter… but with the mild Winter we are having, the mowing season is just around the corner. This 2012 season, be sure and check out our line of mowing machines! We’ve released some new models and are bringing back our most popular beasts for a super strong showing throughout 2012. If you’re already a Bad Boy Mower Zero Turn owner… welcome to the family. If you are not but are in a hard-nosed search for that mower that best fits your budget and is a top-of-the-line cutting machine... you owe it to yourself to try a Bad Boy Mower. It’s the toughest, best quality cut for the price that you will find in the Zero Turn industry.

We have just released a few new models that will take the industry by storm during this upcoming mowing season. We are introducing them to best address the needs of our consumers. Like we always say… “You ask for it, and we will answer!” We expect a tremendous year this year, and if our past is any indication of what’s to come, we will be full steam ahead with a heavy load for 2012. To better help our customers in their search for that one top-dog mower, we have just released our new 2012 catalog. It’s full of everything from our Bad Dawg Accessories to all the new Zero Turn Models we have now available. Everything from residential customers to the heavy commercial users will be the solid focus of our 2012 lineup. We are not in the business of disappointing, and with our head-of-the-class engineer teams, we are dedicated to raising our status bar even higher.

Be sure to venture out to your local dealer to educate yourself on Bad Boy Mowers in 2012. Our website is a key tool for you to be able to see what we’re all about. Go to to check out the latest news, videos, photo galleries, hot events, and even our entire lineup of Mowers and UTV’s. You will be able to focus on any aspect of your mower needs. Also, be sure to “friend” us on Facebook. Everything new and hot to keep you “in the know” is updated immediately on our Facebook page… straight from our website. Go check us out! See where we came from and where our success is headed. Maybe 2012 is your Bad Boy Mower year. You won’t regret it…

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