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Kelly's Farewell Video

From Kelly’s initial interview and screen test, we could tell there was ‘just something about this girl’ that made us know she’d be the perfect fit to be our ‘Bad Boy Girl,’ taking home a $25,000 check and new sports car for the year. And boy, were we right. What was supposed to last a year, lasted more than six. During that time we got more than the pretty face, but the sweet personality that shines through in everything from her television commercials to appearances at our dealer’s open houses, and everywhere in between. Kelly has been a spokesmodel and so much more to all of us here at Bad Boy Mowers. Over the last few years, she’s been instrumental in helping to roll out and grow our very own dealer broadcast network, Bad Boy TV, and even began managing all of Bad Boy’s varied video projects. So while most folks know her for “that’s Bad Boy baby...mow with an attitude!,’ we know her for the lasting friendships she’s forged with our dealers and vendors, the travel-on-a-dime schedule that she made seem easy and the professionalism that weaved it’s way through every event and photo shoot that she showed up to represent our company and brand for. So while the entire Bad Boy Mower family will miss her for so MANY reasons, we couldn’t be happier for Kelly and her husband for ONE very good reason, the start of their own family. Congratulations Kelly, and good luck in all you do!

Kelly's Farewell Video
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Bad Boy Mowers — Cut Time to Have Time!
Bad Boy Mowers — Cut Time to Have Time
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