Bad Boy Mowers is expanding again! In order to keep up with demand we are in the process of installing a bigger and more efficient powder coating system. This state of the art powder coating array will allow us to continue to bring you the best zero turn mower for the best value by operating automatically and efficiently.

At Bad Boy Mowers we choose to powder coat our zero turn lawn mowers, instead of painting, for the added durability and strength that powder coating offers. Powder coating is applied to our metal components as a dry powder and sticks in place due to an electrostatic charge. This allows for all pieces to be coated completely and evenly without any runs, sags or thin areas in the corners and bends. After coating the parts are sent by conveyor into an oven that melts the powder in place, allowing it to flow and cure to form a protective skin that is as hard and durable as the metal beneath.

Bad Boy Mowers is no stranger to building a tough, durable zero turn mower and our new powder coating system will allow us to keep up with the demand for our mowers. Learn more about what makes us the strongest, most durable zero turn mowers on the market on our Features Page, then see how we stay at the top of our game on our Innovations and Improvements Page and then take a look at our Zero Turn Mower Lineup and find the mower that's right for you. Don't forget to Like Us On Facebook to keep up with everything Bad Boy Mowers and join in the conversation with our great fans!

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