Bad Boy Mowers are built to run, but many small engines are only used seasonally and sit idle for long periods. Long-term storage can aggravate overlooked problems, and other problems can develop. For example, unstabilized gas left in an engine can gum up a carburetor, unlubricated engine parts can corrode, and moisture can accumulate in the ignition system. With proper storage preparation, you can avoid most such problems. Watch our Winterize You Mower overview video at the right and then read below for a more detailed description.

If you plan to store your engine for more than 30 days you should:

Drain the Gasoline

Untreated gasoline that's allowed to stand for over a month may form a varnish on the inside of the fuel tank, carburetor, and other fuel system components. Draining the gasoline reduces varnish problems.

Please be aware that even when the gasoline is drained or run "dry", small amounts of fuel will remain in the fuel system. If the fuel is untreated, this small amount of fuel can still lead to problems. Whether the fuel is drained or run dry, it is recommended that stabilized fuel should be run in the engine until it is warm to ensure that treated fuel is circulated throughout the entire fuel system. Please note: The Environmental Protection Agency recommends adding the drained gasoline to your car's gas tank, provided your car tank is fairly full. Once diluted in this fashion, old gasoline will not harm your car engine.

Another way to protect against the varnishing effects of stale fuel is to add a gasoline Stabilizer to your fuel before storage. This allows fuel to safely remain in the fuel system and helps prevent gaskets and seals from drying out.

Change The Oil

Changing the Oil will prevent particles of dirt in the oil from adhering to engine parts.

Inspect Spark Plug

Clean and regap the spark plug or replace it as necessary.

Replace Air Filter

Clean debris or replace the air filter as necessary.

Lube Internal Parts

Injecting oil through the spark plug hole is an easy way to lubricate the cylinder. Pour a couple ounces of engine oil into the spark plug hole. Then, spread it throughout the cylinder by turning the engine over a few revolutions.

Final Steps

Wash and dry the mower completely. Use a spray lubricant on all non-painted surfaces to prevent rust and corrosion. Then, cover the mower with a weather proof cover and store in a dry place.

Keeping your Bad Boy Mowers properly prepared for its off season hiatus will help ensure it operates in peak condition for years to come. Check out our Mr. Know-It-All help section for more tips on maintaining your Bad Boy Mower. Don’t forget to Like Us On Facebook to keep up with all the news and updates from Bad Boy Mowers!

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