When less than the best is never an option — choose authentic Bad Boy approved options and accessories to custom equip your mower. Each and every accessory, made by (or for) Bad Boy, meets the same standard of durability and usability we hold our mowers to. With options for added operator safety to clean-up and convenience, you can be sure that every option fits and works perfectly with your Bad Boy Mower.

Advanced Chute System (ACS)

With the Advanced Chute System’s variable stage all-steel shield, you can effectively and accurately control the discharge from your zero-turn mower.

In high-density areas where flying debris can damage windows, vehicles or even people, keeping the advanced chute at a semi-closed position forces debris down immediately, preventing straight line discharge at speeds of over 200 mph!

Built for commercial lawn and garden professionals and zero-turn mower homeowner’s alike, it’s the perfect precision chute management system for the precision accuracy maneuverability of a zero-turn mower.

Close the Advanced Chute System completely and you’ve instantly turned your mower into a powerful mulching machine, especially perfect for fall leaf cleanup. Closing the chute completely also prevents discharge into flower beds, driveways and swimming pools.

The ACS System is engineered and manufactured by Bad Boy Mowers. Learn more at www.advancedchutesystem.com.

Product Number: 48" Cut: ACS6000UBS-NH; 50" Cut: ACS6000UBS-NH; 52" Cut: ACS6000UBS-NH; 60" Cut: ACS6000B; 72" Cut: ACS 7200B

Pro-Lift® Lawn Mower Lifts

Pro-Lift Lawn Mower Lifts are necessary to safely perform the required maintenance of your garden tractor or zero turn mower. Tasks such as changing oil, cleaning debris, and blade work are now made easy. Hydraulically powered, the Pro-Lift Lawn Mower Lifts make lifting your mower easy and quick.

Available in several sizes, the universally designed Pro-Lift Lawn Mower Lifts can fit the majority of wheel spans and sizes of riding mowers, zero turns, ATV’s, and even push mowers. With safety always in mind, Pro-Lift Lawn Mower Lifts feature dual positive locking mechanisms that engage as you lift. The Lifts are built with heavy duty welded steel for durability. These Lifts are very easy to assemble, use, and store. Save money, time, and effort by using a Pro-Lift Lawn Mower Lift today.

Prolift Models T-5350B & T-5501 | www.lawnmowerlift.com

Roll Over Protection System (ROPS)

Safety first, this optional protection for our popular ZT Elite Mower is recommended for mowing on sloping terrain. Features quick release pins for folding over for even more compact storage. (Excludes MZ)

Product Number: 2010-2011 Compact Diesel: 089-3050-00; 2009-2007 Pup and Lightning models: 089-2005-00; 2011-2007 AOS models & Diesel: 089-2007-00; 2010 and up 2x2 ROPS for Pup, Outlaw & Lightning: 089-3000-00; 2010 and up 2x3 ROPS for AOS: 089-3050-00

Mulching Kit

A must-have option for the most demanding non-bagging professional! Channels bolt to the underside of the deck, blocking the discharge for containing cuttings for optimal mulching. Mulching Blades are included in the kit. (Excludes all 72" decks, 60" ZT only and MZ mowers)

Product Number: 60" (Fits everything except ZT & CZT): 210-0050-00; 52" (Fits Pup & Lightning): 210-0051-00; 48" & 50" (Fits 48" Pup & 50" ZT): 210-0052-00; 54" Outlaw: 210-0054-00; 61" Outlaw: 210-0053-00

MZ Rear Bagger

Six bushel capacity rear bagging system blasts clippings into removable bags for easy use and disposal. Fits both MZ Magnum and MZ 42 Model Mowers.

MZ Series Side Bagger

Convenient bagging solution for our popular MZ Magnum and MZ 42 Series Mowers, this 3.75 bushel quick-mount bagger is easy to install and even easier to use.

Product Number: 088-1090-00

12 Bushel 3-Bagger Clipping System

With mower-assisted drive blower, this bagging system makes easy work of managing heavy-duty clipping duties. Bags are easy to remove for quick disposal of clippings and front counter-weight is included. Fits Outlaw Class, CZT and ZT Elite Series Mowers.

Product Number: 088-1015-00

Accelerator Grass Catcher

Replaces the chute on your Bad Boy and is quick and easy to load and unload your discharged clippings.

Product Number: Fits everything except 72": 088-1005-00;


Handy for storing small yard tools or picked up trash. Attaches easily with four bolts. We offer two versions, one designed to fit our Outlaw series and another for our CZT and ZT mowers.

Product Number: Pup & Lightning: 088-4050-00; ZT Basket 088-4000-00;

Soft-Top Canopy

For the CZT, ZT and MZ, this top keeps you cool in the shade. Does not require our ROPS, this shade is easy to attach and remove.

Product Number: 088-1026-00

Hard Top Cover

Now you have it made in your own shade. Tough, just like the mowers it covers. Requires ROPS For Mounting. (Excludes CZT, ZT & MZ)

Product Number: 088-1025-00

High-Intensity Headlamps

A bright idea to keep you on the job longer when the days grow shorter. Mount under front rail.

Product Number: 088-1007-00

Front Mount Sprayer

Versatile sprayer that’s equally handy for staying seated when spraying from the mower or when you need to get off to spray hard to reach areas. (Excludes CZT, ZT & MZ)

Product Number: Sprayer with Holding Plate 60 PSI Pump: 088-1008-00; Sprayer with Holding Plate and Boom: 088-1014-00

Airfoil Wing

Perfect for adding Bad Boy attitude to the fastest mower on the market. (Available on Outlaw only)

Product Number: 088-3000-00

Mower Covers

Protects For both ROPs and Non-ROPs equipped Bad Boy Mowers. Helps protect your investment for the long haul. Fits all Bad Boy Mowers.

Product Number: 088-3050-00

FieldTrax Tires

Get a grip on any and all terrain with the traction and sure footing these FieldTrax tires provide. (Excludes CZT, ZT and MZ)

Product Number: 24" FieldTrax Tires: 022-5452-00; 26" FieldTrax Tires: 022-7070-00

Bar-Lug Tires

Tractor-style tread for traction on the roughest terrain. Perfect for grip-and-rip performance. Excludes MZ

Product Number: 26x12x12 (All AOS models & Diesel): 022-7050-00; 24x12x12 (60" and 72" Pup & Lightnings): 022-5500-00; 23x1050x12 (48" and 52" Pups, CZT & Lightnings): 022-5501-00; 20x10x8 (All ZT - excludes 2014 and newer): 022-3050-00;

No Flat Tire

For front forks, these solid form tires will continue to perform even if punctured. Excludes MZ

Product Number: 022-1050-00

Front Disc Brakes

Unique braking system quickly locks front casters for preventing fall-off and assuring straight runs for striping. (Fits Outlaw and Diesel Models Only.)

Bumper Guards

Available in 8" or 14", these rubber guards offer front impact protection for your Outlaw, CZT, ZT and MZ Bad Boy Mower.

Product Number: 8": 029-7038-00; 14": 029-7037-00;

Fully Adjustable Handles

Simply bolt these on your steering levers for a completely adjustable operator fit. Standard on our Diesels, Outlaws and CZT, fits ZT and MZ steering arms.

Drive Belts

Replaces your belts to factory new standards. Our reinforced Kevlar® belts last longer because they’re the toughest you can buy.

Pump Belts

Just like our Factory replacement drive belts, our reinforced Kevlar® belts last longer and stands up to the toughest conditions.

Fusion Blades

These stay-sharp blades feature ultra-hard Tungsten Carbide cutting edge. These blades stay sharp twice as long as ordinary mower blades!

Mulching Blades

Replaces your standard cutting blades. Sold in packs of six and available in all decks except 48˝ and 42˝ sizes.

Suspension Seat

Update your Outlaw, CZT or ZT to the best seat in the house, our Grammer Seat is fully adjustable to operator weight, height and variable rate suspension, lumbar support and back angle adjustments from 5° to 15°.

Chrome Wheel Covers

Front and rear pair of rims that adds shine to your Bad Boy. Available in 8˝, 10˝ and 12˝ diameter for older model ZT’s, new ZT Elite’s and Outlaw Series. (Excludes MZ)

Product Number: 6" Wheel Covers (Front-Pair): 088-1075-00; 8" Wheel Covers (ZT Only): 088-1080-00; 10" Wheel Covers (Outlaw): 088-1082-00; 12" Wheel Covers (Pup, Lightning & CZT): 088-1085-00

Outlaw Hitch

Removable, heavy-duty hitch assembly for pulling other equipment along for the ride. Hitch bar is removable with lynch pin.

Product Number: Pup & Lightning Hitch Assembly (Bolt On, Slide In, Pin): 093-6000-00; Receiver Hitch (Slide in): 093-1111-00; Pup & Lightning Bolt on Hitch: 093-1112-00; Bent Hitch Pin for Slide in Hitch: 044-5005-00; Outlaw & Extreme Outlaw Bolt on Hitch Assembly: 093-6050-00

Tow Hitch

Quick to attach with two bolts, this hitch allows your CZT, ZT or MZ to tow trailers and accessories.

Product Number: 093-1000-00

Utility Trailer

Heavy-Duty, dual axle trailer features tilt bed. Rails keep tall or larger items from falling out.

Product Number: 088-2060-00


Heavy-duty stainless steel blades punch holes in turf to promote better growth.

Product Number: 088-2075-00

Pull-Behind Roller

Steel roller can be filled with water for heavyweight use.

Product Number: 088-2065-00


Springed steel tines comb embedded clippings from turf, for better water absorption.

Product Number: 088-2070-00


This pull-behind sweeper makes short work of collecting clippings or leaves. Easy to operate and easy to dump, this sweeper cleans up quick!

Product Number: 088-1028-00

Trailer Sprayer

Pull behind, high-capacity powered sprayer with hand-held sprayer head. Boom sprayer attachment available, sold separately.

Trailer Sprayer Product Number: 088-1012-00
Boom Attachment Product Number: 088-1013-00

Accessories subject to change. Check with your Local Bad Boy Mowers Dealer for more information.

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