Introducing the Ground Hog Max by Bad Boy Mowers!

Bad Boy Mowers introduces the all-new Ground Hog Max the only plow you need to plant food plots, landscape and much more! Bad Boy Mowers is always looking for ways to expand outside of the residential and commercial mower industry, from our MTV line to our UTV and Side by Side Accessory division, and once again we have found a product like nothing else on the market. Introducing the Ground Hog Max by Bad Boy Mowers an ATV plow that is the first of its kind. The plow is light and portable that you can plow even the hardest to reach spots for putting in food plots to plowing wetlands. We are very excited to be able to offer the Ground Hog Max to our customers and dealers. Watch the video and read below for more information on the plow.


The new improved 10-9-8-inch notched-disc GroundHog MAX is 30 % more aggressive than our original smooth disc design. The plow comes in a 21” x 11” x 12” white box that is full color and is labeled with all selling points. It only weighs 72 pounds and is fully assembled. The greatest thing about this plow is that…it saves time, saves gas, and saves MONEY. You do not need to mess with a trailer or ask a buddy to help you…it’s truly a 1 man operation.

Here’s why this “new concept” size/ratio to ATV weight/power works:

  • MAXIMUM- Weight/downward force - The plow is mounted under the ATV’s rear-end and uses the weight of the ATV (700+ lbs) and the driver (200 lbs) to achieve direct down pressure on a smaller amount of steel. You are riding on the plow like a 5th wheel. When not plowing (on most ATV’s) you can turn it ups side down in “transport mode” and take the plow anywhere you can get your ATV (at the speed of the ATV).
  • MAXIMUM- Ground penetration -A disc setup of an inner 10” 9” 8” notched disc with high speed bearings allows you to cut hard ground, grass, and ground clutter better. This plow does as good or better as any other if you have rocky conditions. The plow is half as wide but you can plow twice as fast (4-7 mph). Use looping circles and figure eights. For maneuverability it will plow in reverse.
  • STRONG Hitch Upgrade Kit (INCLUDED IN THE BOX) - This allows the customer to utilize their existing Utility hole/hitch. The existing utility hole is strengthened using the kit’s 21-26-inch (extendable) receiver tube or the 5-inch receiver tube. Both are (1/4 wall thick steel) and come with necessary hardware for installation. With this kit you can use your existing factory utility hole and the ATV frame to install a forward-braced receiver hitch system. This upgrade works with approximately 90% of ATV’s/UTV’s on the market today. The other 10% may require an after-market forward braced 2 inch receiver hitch.
  • It works on independent or straight axle setups. It does work on 2 wheel drive models but you may not be able to plow as aggressively. The plow does have many up/down adjustments in 1-inch increments. Many times you can use 2 wheel drive rather than 4 wheel drive according to your terrain…this makes for easier steering Note: Lower CC (300) air cooled only models work since your plowing speeds are faster (4-7 mph) so you stay cooler.
  • The “T-HEAD” (part 12) has many up/down adjustment holes in 1-inch increments. The T-Head can be either right-side up (for ATV’s with more ground clearance) or up-side down to use on ATV’s with medium to low ground clearance. The plow can be PUSHED as well as pulled by easily turning the T-head backwards. This is a big plus for zero turn lawn mowers and others with a “front” 2-inch receiver.

Uses for the GroundHog MAX include…
Installing Game food plots, planting for ducks in swampy bottom land, Landscaping, and plowing garden spots.

ANY Questions? Call 770-713-0202 or 1-800-566-1691 to actually speak with a tech person.
Mon-Sat 8am to 530 pm Eastern. Missed calls are returned.

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