Ever wonder how your Bad Boy Mower is painted?

Ever wonder how your Bad Boy Mower is painted?  We think you’ll find it’s a process that includes more than just your typical spraying of metal parts. There’s a science to how we paint our mowers, and there are no corners cut in the process.

One of the most intense processes your mower goes through is the painting process. It’s a state-of-the-art system that is second to none. Bad Boy Mowers is known for its use of cutting edge technology and we don’t spare in our paint department. Our fully automated painting facility is specifically designed for the exact needs of our mower products. Everything here at Bad Boy Mowers is treated with top quality perfection, and our paint process is one of those aspects that you will see is cutting edge.

After the detailed fabrication and inspection of all parts needing paint, they are transported from the fabrication facility straight to the painting area.

Once all parts reach this point, all parts are separated by size and are fastened securely on the overhead conveyer belt.

Now in place, the parts go through the first stage of the painting process, which is the washing bay. The washing bay consists of 5 separate processes that consist of alternating water and specific chemicals to cleanse the pieces before they head into the drying phase.

Once in the drying stage, each piece is submitted to a large area of residual heat, which dries and cures the surface of the parts. This is critical for preparing the part to accept the electromagnetic process of bonding the special powder based paint to the parts.

At this point, the parts are ready to go through the powder coating stage. Inside the painting station, all of the pieces undergo a levelized powder coating process. This involves the only action that is not completely automated. Qualified personnel interact with the powder coater to make sure all corners are coated. Each part is laser scanned and programmed to change the systems paint heads to coat the exact piece. This process is due to specific programming, and by design, that process will automatically skip the corners of each piece to maintain an exact balance of surface coating via electric waves.

From here, the powder is ready to be baked on to the piece. The parts will enter the over in order to properly bake the powder based paint onto the surface of the product. The baking process is done at an intense 390 degrees for 2 hours of total time. This is a process that is dramatically better than your average painting standards.

Now that parts are properly baked and ready, the painting process is almost complete. Moving on, the parts are removed from the overhead conveyer belt and inspected carefully for defects. If the product doesn’t 100% meet our standards, it is not pushed through the production phase.

Now you see what all goes in to painting your Bad Boy Mower. For more pictures of our painting process and other Bad Boy Mowers photos visit our Photo Gallery.

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