2014 Dealer Meeting Survey Results

Results from the 2014 Dealer Meeting Survey that was sent to attending dealers is presented below. Graphed questions were presented with a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being dissatisfied and 5 being completely satisfied. We also applied colors to this scale to make the data easy to read at a glance. The Color Rating for the scale of 5-1 is presented below.

Rated 5
Rated 4
Rated 3
Rated 2
Rated 1

We're Putting A New Spin On A Winning Formula

Bad Boy Cutters Bad Boy Mowers Rotary Cutter

Bad Boy Mowers has established itself as the toughest, most powerful commercial zero-turn mower on the planet, and all at a better price. Now we’re applying those same principles to the rotary cutter market, where our

legendary build quality and reputation for
virtually over-building our equipment is evedent in every bend, weld and piece of steel used in the Bad Boy Cutter.

Engineered To Be Stronger At Every Point

Point-for-point, weld-for-weld, compare the all-new Bad Boy Mowers Rotary Cutter to any other in the single drive five-foot market and you’ll probably not only be surprised by the specs, but by the price as well. But then again, it is a Bad Boy.

Bad Boy Rotary Cutter Satisfaction Guaranteed 2 Year Warranty

Unique “H” Frame All-Welded Steel Backbone

Heavy-gauge steel frames are notched and welded at intersection points and to the top deck itself, creating unyielding strength and unbending durability for years of rugged use. The thicker steel sides are rolled to retain strength (not stamped) and welded along both top and bottom edges for maximum support and rigidity.

Thicker Front Skid Plates

The front line of abuse, our skid plates—made of heavier-gauge steel than all others in this class and fully welded along its edge—are built to absorb years of jarring abuse.

Geared For Speed

The 50hp heavy-duty Omni RC51 gearbox drives the blade tip speeds at a ripping 16,500 feet per minute—the fastest you’ll find anywhere!

Dual Bolt Height Adjustment

Built to better withstand the weight of the tractor when clearing through troughs and dips, the rear wheel arms are also the heaviest-duty in this class.

Heavy Duty Gearbox

Heavy-Duty 50hp Rated Gearbox

3 Point Hitch Bars

Three-Point Hitch bars supported by all steel, formed mounts

Dual Bolt Height Adjustment

Dual Bolt Height Adjustment with 1/2” thick arms

Blade Change Access

Quick Blade Change deck access point

Sturdy H Frame Structure

Sturdy “H” Frame Structure for all-over strength and durability

Slip-Disc Gear Drive Protection

Slip-Disc Gear Drive Protection. Shear Pin Protection available.

Bad Boy Cutters Built In The USA

Bad Boy Cutter Specifications

Gear Box50Hp Heavy Duty Omni RC51
Gear Box Mount3/8" Steel; Completely Surrounded By Interlocking 'H' Supports
Deck Thickness11 Gauge Welded
Skirt Thickness3/16" Steel
Underdecking Support1/4" x 6 1/2"
Skid Shoes1/2" x 2" x 32" (24" Of Ground Contact)
Deck SupportVertical Interlocking Solid Welded, Interlocking 'H' Frame
Lift Attachment Brackets1/2" Solid Welded
Tail Wheel Arms1/2˝ x 2 1/2˝, Designed To Withstand Rear Tractor Wheel Lift Off
Tail Wheel4”X15” Puncture Resistant with Double Bolt Adjustment
Stump JumperReinforced Round with Heavy Duty 15 Spline
Warranty2 Year Limited
Weight650 Lbs
Length (Including Tailwheel)100˝
Total Width63 1/2˝
Overall Height40˝
Deck Height
Cut Range2˝– 10˝
PTO Drive ShaftSeries 5 Slip Clutch (Shear Pin Protection Optional)
Blades1/2˝ x 3˝
Tractor Range20-55 Hp
Cutting Capacity2˝ Diameter
Blade Tip Speed16,500 Feet/Minute

Dealer Meeting Survey

Please fill out the 2014 Bad Boy Mowers Dealer Meeting Survey below.

Please rate the questions below on a scale from 1-5, with 1 being dissatisfied to 5 being completely satisfied.

Please enter any comments you have about the Dealer Meeting, such as sessions you particularly enjoyed or sessions you would like to see next year.

The Search For a New Bad Boy mowers Spokesmodel is on!

do you have what it takes?

Bad Boy Mowers is searching for the next Bad Boy Mowers Spokesmodel to represent our growing brand across the nation at industry expos, dealer-level events and television commercials. Our Spokesmodel is more than just a pretty face for our company. As a public figure, personality, product knowledge, poise and composure in social situations is essential.

The Bad Boy Mowers Spokesmodel is a ‘first-priority’ job that fluctuates with our busy product cycle season, event lineup and video or print production schedules. With a $40,000 salary and use of a sports car courtesy of Mark Martin Ford in Batesville, you’ll also be provided wardrobe, accessories, hair and make-up products—plus all travel expenses.

To be eligible, you must be a female, at least 21 years of age and MUST be available on short notice if selected. THIS JOB WILL BE YOUR FIRST PRIORITY FOR THE YEAR. Your travel schedule will be busiest from February through May and usually requires travel every weekend and some weekdays during this time. Travel requirements slow down during late summer and pick up again early fall, requiring at least two weekends each month and some weekdays. Both our Annual Dealer Meeting and leading-industry trade show is scheduled during the fall season and must be attended.

Entry in the Bad Boy Mowers Spokesmodel contest entry requires basic personal information, a head shot photo, full body shot photo and a short video of you delivering a couple of our trademark lines. See the contest entry page for complete details and requirements for entry.

click here to enter now!

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